I’m not into politics, my business is winning souls for Christ– According to Pastor Muoka

I’m not into politics, my business is winning souls for Christ– According to Pastor Muoka
I’m not into politics, my business is winning souls for Christ– According to Pastor Muoka
General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, has made it abundantly clear that he is not a politician, saying that his only business is winning souls for Christ.

Pator Muoka made the disclosure on Sunday, April 9, 2023 at The Lord’s Chosen two-day International Crusade code named God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessings which took place at the Revival Ground of the mega church at Ijesha, Lagos State…… CONTINUE READING

The General Overseer stressed that he has no business with politics and that anybody who uses his name for politics is on his own.

He disclosed that at no time did the church insinuate, request, or plead for polling booths be brought in the church, stressing that people who peddle such rumour or allegation are wicked and evil.

He added that he has never sided any politician or political party, before and he will never do that.

“Another one is politics, I have not sided any political party. They want to create the impression that I am supporting them. I can’t leave the church for political purposes, I can’t.

“Anywhere you see on social media that say we say, they are thieves, I am here standing for Jesus. Anybody who come here and say you should bring polling booth here, I don’t say something like that, you can only come here, we pray for you and we say let the will of the Lord be done.

“I am not in the business of telling you who will win, my business is to prepare you for heaven and ensure you gain heaven at last,” he stated.

Pastor Muoka also condemned the action of those who use his name to appeal for funds from the public, stating that such actions do not emanate from him.

Muoka who maintained that he does not collect money for praying for people, made it clear that the church only solicits for fund when the church has a project and it is done only in the church, and therefore stressed that the church does not appeal for fund via the social media. “I don’t collect money for prayer, is not from me, we don’t appeal for fund except when we are doing something here for a purpose.

“Some people go to social media, place my picture and put account number, they are thieves, they go to internet, Facebook, WhatsApp asking people for money, such actions do not emanate from me or the church,” he stated.

Speaking on the theme of the programme which was God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessings, Muoka said that God is faithful and cannot lie.

He said “Even if you are a first timer, whatever you are looking for God will grant them, even if you are in doubt my faith is greater than your doubt.”

On the need to repent and receive the covenant of peace and blessings from God, he said “As you make amendment and turn from your wicked ways God will forgive and heal you. It can never be minus you, everybody will be remembered. Whatever God said, he will fulfill, he has the power; nobody can hinder it.”

Muoka called on the congregants to repent, because a Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is not a Christian.

Immediately the pastor mounted the podium, he commanded the sick to get healing, paralysis and stroke, those in wheelchair where healed, afflictions that have defied solutions were all rolled away; and powers and their throne we’re quashed, the bind saw, the deaf heard and the dumb spoke and principalities and powers were silenced, according to testimonies.

The two days service did not go without amazing miracles, deliverances, healings, and Holy Ghost baptism as testimonies of God’s wonderful works ruled the air. Spirit of poverty, rising and falling were rolled away, terrible stomach pain, HBP was kicked out, women who were not seeing their period received healing, breast cancer was commanded to go, those having terrible cough received freedom, while those hearing strange voices were delivered.

Glaucoma, cataract, five years of arthritis rolled away, one year swollen leg healed, stooling for 20 years miraculously healed, 4 years broken bones joined together, 13 years deaf and dumb rolled away, 20 years epilepsy gone, breast like that of man was sent to normal size as 2 weeks knee pain was also healed.

Brother Onwudiegeu testified how God delivered him from affliction of the enemies after the burial of his mother, which was done in a befitting way. A Brother received permanent visa to Canada after six years of application only to be invited after Pastor prayed. He also had the privilege to be called to the Bar in Canada.

Sister Blessing from Bolade, Oshodi testified how God used her to end untimely death in her family, while Sister Joy said her constant urinating for four years has been rolled away.

Brother Chinenye Chukwuma who lives in United Arab Emirate (UME) came down for God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessings. He said he followed the GO’s teachings on cable and God miracle; he was given employment Visa and employed in the UAE airport, a Sister testified how God blessed the family with a duplex on Agor Palace…… CONTINUE READING 

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