Ikonne Ifeanyi: Henceforth, we will not approve anything for both Wike and the area council Chairmen


Rep. Ikonne Ifeanyi, a member of the House Committee on FCT Area Council and Ancillary, reportedly voiced irritation with the seeming haughtiness of some people who have been called to speak before their committee, according to the Vanguard story.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He argued that these individuals should respect the efforts and risks taken by the group members in organizing the meeting, rather than dictating the terms of their appearance.

To address this issue, he proposed a change in dynamics, suggesting that the group should not plead for attendance but rather be sought out by the individuals in question.

He warned that failing to confront this arrogance would only perpetuate the problem. He declared that the group would no longer approve any matters involving the minister and area council chairmen and would further call on the president to remove the FCT minister from their position.

He said, “Why must we invite someone here and they are given us the date they will appear? What about the risk people took to be there? We should not be seen pleading for them to appear before us. My own decision is that they should be the ones to look for us. If we don’t stop this arrogance, it will not stop. Henceforth, we will not approve anything for both the minister (Wike) and the area council chairmen, and as a matter of fact, we will tell the president to remove Wike as the FCT minister.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>