Igbo Community Claimed That My Child, Mohammed Isa Didn’t Belong To Them – According to Isa Okonkwo

Igbo Community Claimed That My Child, Mohammed Isa Didn't Belong To Them - According to Isa OkonkwoThe director of Dar Ibn Taimiyyah Islamic Home School, Isa Okonkwo, has made some remarks regarding the marginalization of Igbo Muslims in Nigeria. He claims that Igbo Muslims have a contradictory sense of identity and belonging as a result of structural marginalization and a lack of acceptance in various areas of society.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Okonkwo related a personal story of prejudice in which Mohammed Isa, his child, was turned away from school because others thought his name was not Igbo. He underlined that this illustrates the societal and cultural obstacles that Igbo Muslims face.

Okonkwo’s story highlights the difficulties Igbo Muslims deal with on a daily basis. They live in a state of flux, as they are frequently rejected by both the Igbo group and the larger Nigerian culture.

In order to solve this problem and foster an atmosphere that is more welcoming to Igbo Muslims, Okonkwo’s campaign for more comprehension and acceptance is essential.

By sharing his experience, he wants to start a conversation and increase awareness, which will hopefully result in a culture that is more welcoming and inclusive.

In a Punch interview, he stated, ”Igbo Muslims face marginalization; they are caught between belonging and not belonging. In Nigeria, there seems to be no space for Igbo Muslims.”

“For instance, during admissions, one of my children named Mohammed Isa, faced discrimination because of his name.”

“The Igbo community claimed that such a name did not belong to them and denied him admission, suggesting he should seek it from the Hausa community.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>