Ideye reveals what he told Victor Osimhen ‘I don’t care how many awards you have won’

Ideye reveals what he told Victor Osimhen 'I don't care how many awards you have won' According to All Nigeria Soccer, former striker Brown Ideye chastised Victor Osimhen for his public outburst against coach Finidi George, telling him that his accolades and accomplishments did not excuse his disrespectful actions.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Ideye, a 2013 Africa Cup of Nations winner, spoke out against Osimhen’s Instagram Live rant, where he attacked Finidi and Super Eagles fans after allegations surfaced that he didn’t want to participate in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

“I told him I’m disappointed in you, but what you have to do is to go back to that social media and apologize to Nigerians and Finidi,” Ideye said in an X Space conversation hosted by The Naija Football Conference.

“I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how many awards you have won, I don’t care what you have done in your club. Africa’s best player don’t behave the way you behave.”

Ideye emphasized that Osimhen’s behavior was unacceptable and that he needs to apologize for his actions. He also noted that the current Super Eagles team lacks a code of conduct, passion, and nationalism, unlike during his time with the team.

With this statement, Ideye has joined the growing chorus of voices calling out Osimhen for his behavior, urging him to take responsibility and show respect for the Super Eagles legends who paved the way for him.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>