Ibrahim Mai Sule once said, “When You Rig Yourself Into Power In An Election, It’s Also A Coup.”

Ibrahim Mai Sule, a former Nigerian ambassador to Indonesia, asserted that a coup is more than just the military’s plan to seize power. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He claimed in an interview with Arise Tv News that it counts as a coup when a president installs himself as president. He claimed that the key problems bordering on bolstering the African democracy should be addressed by the Ecowas leaders.

He said, ”The basic issue is that one has to be extremely careful with these sit-tight leaders. Because a Coup is not only the idea of military taking over the government. A Coup is actually when people extend their limit beyond what is constitutionally being provided. When you rig yourself into power in an election, it’s also a coup. Basically, the problem with these leaders is that I’m right and everybody is wrong. One has to look at the things they are doing. And my fear is that they should not take us into a proxy war.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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