Ibrahim Isah:”The Court Did Not Frown At The Reinstatement Of Emir Sanusi That Happened On The 23rd”

If You Change It For Them, It Means The National Assembly Can Extend Tinubu's Tenure—According to Inibehe EffiongBarrister Ibrahim Isah, a counsel for the Kano State government, has clarified the legal issues highlighted by the Federal High Court yesterday regarding Emir Sanusi’s reinstatement. He stated that the reinstatement of Emir Sanusi on May 23rd was approved by the court without any objections.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He stated that the court’s disapproval was directed at the manner in which the court order was conveyed to the governor, specifically through social media to stop the reinstatement of Emir Sanusi. Moreover, he confirmed that at the time the governor enacted the law to reinstate Emir Sanusi, no relevant court order was in existence.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”The Judge made it very clear that the incident that took place during the reinstatement of Emir Sanusi where a court order was being brought to the governor via social media is what the Court frowned at. The Court did not frown at the reinstatement of Emir Sanusi that happened on the 23rd. It was confirmed that on the 23rd, the order of my Lord was not known to anybody. In fact, there was no order as of the time the law was signed by the governor.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>