I was poisoned at our campaign secretariat in 2019 and all of my intestine became black, as revealed by Wike.

In 2019, Nyesom Wike, the former governor of Rivers State, was poisoned in their campaign secretariat, and all of his intestines turned black, it was revealed during the family Thanksgiving service in his honor. He disclosed that he was flown outside to Beirut for treatment, and that when the physicians there met him, they ran a number of tests on him merely to figure out what was wrong. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Wike added that the physicians eventually visited him the next day and informed him that his kidneys and intestines were now functioning normally. He claims, “I was leaving for the country at midnight after the feast because I felt everything was over. The physicians stared at me and I was staring at them when we arrived at Berrout. They only remarked, “Look, we have to do so many tests,” without offering me any further information. The following morning, they returned and reported that it was horrible. They were staring at me and my kidney and liver had both failed. My wife told Okewari, and he just called to ask, “What is going on?”

What did you hear when I asked? He said that I told him everything was fine because of the way my wife spoke to him. The current governor of Rivers State is aware, of course. I was poisoned at our campaign secretariat, but I was completely unaware of it. All of my intestines are dark. The physicians therefore did everything they could, and the next day they reported that everything was turning around for the patient. How, I questioned. They also claimed that my kidney and liver were now functioning, but I retorted that not enough treatment had been given. I simply remained silent, and to the glory of God, after approximately a week, they let me go and I returned.

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