I was forced to flee Abacha’s assassins in Cotonou by “Amala” (Tinubu).

In an interview with TheNEWS, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the current leader of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), described a situation that put his life in danger under General Sani Abacha’s rule. Abacha instigated a wave of violence against proponents of democracy after Chief MKO Abiola’s victory in the presidential election on June 12, 1993, was declared invalid. According to Tinubu, Abacha’s assassins were despatched to the Republic of Benin, and he just eluded their grasps because he loved the Nigerian dish amala.

Tinubu was unable to leave the nation while he was in hiding because he lacked a passport. Abacha’s spies did, however, have knowledge of his whereabouts, including his stay in the Benin Republic. Tinubu came dangerously close to being captured by the killers twice. They tracked him down to a dilapidated hotel once. He was able to avoid them, nevertheless, by coincidence.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

On the day of the incident, Tinubu had gone to a market populated by Yoruba people on an Okada (motorcycle) to purchase amala, a traditional Nigerian food. He spotted two people with skull hats asking questions at the front desk as he got back to the motel.

The receptionist, who was friendly with Tinubu, gave him a covert signal to turn around. As soon as possible, Tinubu got in touch with a helpful architect buddy in the Benin Republic. Notably, several well-known individuals including Alani Akinrinade and Professor Wole Soyinka narrowly missed being apprehended by Abacha’s troops.

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