I was embarrassed on my inauguration day when I saw Governor Ademola Adeleke’s office.

Ademola Adeleke, the governor of Osun State, has said that he was ashamed of the state of the governor’s office on the day of his inauguration, which several of his American friends attended. In an interview with Channels TV, he claimed this. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Governor Adeleke claims that as soon as he took office, he utilized his funds to make repairs to the government building, the state’s schools, and the health care system so that he could be comfortable.

Environmental issues are important; for instance, when I initially arrived, I felt ashamed on the day of my inauguration. I invited many American friends who wanted to visit and conduct business with us.

I was mortified when I noticed the governor’s office after the white building turned brown. So as soon as I arrived, I had to utilize my money to make fast repairs so that I could feel at ease in the business. Because when visitors arrive, they are speaking for the state. The federal building is transforming as I speak to you. I’m making the whole place seem nice. All the schools and health facilities are being repaired.…… Continue Your Reading

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