I told General Eromobo I will stay in the army as General rather than become Sultan – According to Sa’ad Abubakar

Brigadier General Sa’ad Muhammad Abubakar III (Retd), the Sultan of Sokoto, has related a tale about his early military days. He said that General Eromobo led the selection board when he applied to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) for the 18th regular course.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a video shared by Channels TV, General Abubakar said General Eromobo asked him what he would choose if he ascended through the ranks to become a general and was subsequently offered the position of Sultan of Sokoto. He said he confidently stated that he would remain in the army, which caused everyone in the hall to burst into laughter. He said that they suspected that he was merely saying this to enhance his chances of selection but he was still selected to join the army.

In General Abubakar’s words: “The last question General Eromobo asked me is if we pick you to join the army and then in the army you keep on rising and you become a general, and they now ask you to come and be Sultan of Sokoto, which one would you choose?

“I told General Abubakar I would stay in the army as General (rather than become Sultan of Sokoto). All of them in the hall busted out laughing. They said it is a lie, we know you are saying this because you want us to select you. We have selected you. Go and sit down”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>