“I Know in This Nation, You Live on Credit, so I Bless You on Credit” —According to Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Pastor E.A. Adeboye "Some People Call Some Preachers 'Prosperity Preachers'; I am Not One of Them"He revealed that as he struggled to carry the heavy bags, two young boys, his sons, approached him. One son offered to help, earning a blessing from Pastor Adeboye. The second son, feeling left out, asked why he didn’t receive a blessing too. Pastor Adeboye jokingly replied, “I blessed the one who helped me, not the one who just greeted me!”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He then turned to the congregation and said, “I know in this nation, you live on credit, so I bless you on credit.”

According to him, “I’ve told you the story of a time I was travelling; I was in Itro; those days, I was travelling in economy, and they’ll weigh your bag. If you’re travelling on economy, there’s a limit to what you can carry. So all the heavy things that I wanted to carry, I put them in carry-on because they don’t weigh carry-on.”

“The books, the tapes, everything, I put it in two carry-ons. I checked in the lighter ones, and then, as I was struggling with my two carry-ons (and a carry-on can be heavier than a suitcase), I saw two of my children coming (two boys).

“Ah, daddy, good morning. I said good morning, and then one of them ran at me and grabbed the two carry-ons, which were very heavy. So I turned to him and said, God bless you, and the second one said, Daddy, you didn’t say God bless me. I said, for what? You greeted me, and I greeted you. He helped me, so he got a blessing. I know in this nation, you live on credit, so I bless you on credit.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>