I heard everything that Wike said on television yesterday, and that’s our problem—we act before we think.The Nwekeaku

Professor Charles Nwekeaku of Nasarawa State University’s Department of New Public Management has appeared to discuss the master plan Nyesom Wike, the new minister of the FCT, has for the federal capital. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Prof. Nwekeaku said this in an interview that aired this morning on Arise TV.

When you have a policy, you should strictly adhere to it. In fact, policy acts as a framework for action, much like a manual. However, a proverbial view in Nigeria holds that policy formulation is not the country’s problem; rather, it is policy implementation. That is incorrect, as implementation is a step in the policy-making process. As a matter of fact, you inquired about the Abuja master plan and all that, but first, the speed with which Nigerians do tasks has an impact on it.

“Our issue is that we take action before we think, and I believe that’s been the issue. For instance, Wike was officially sworn in as the new minister of the FCT yesterday, and I caught every word he uttered on television. I know he was the former governor of Rivers State, but it appears he hasn’t read much about the Abuja master plan when he says he will tear down any construction that is not in line with it.…… Continue Your Reading

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