I Have A Problem With The Whole Church System, Especially The Pentecostal Church System — Freeze

Daddy Freeze said in one of his live sessions on his verified Facebook page, “I have a problem with the whole church system, especially the Pentecostal church system.

He further remarked, “I have an issue with their teachings, with the manipulation and the extortion, and I have a problem with the fact that you can’t rebuke pastors; you cannot correct them; they are above reproach. If you ask me personally, they don’t teach Christianity at the church; they only know how to collect money and say that they will pray for you”. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

According to him,” They claim to hear from God, but judged by the Nigerian General Overseer, God is a failure; if you use the ranking system to grade God, then he has failed. I have a problem with them. The pastor will come today and tell us that 5G is what is causing COVID-19 and people are still going to his church, and he will come again and say that the person God has chosen to lead Nigeria, whose name is in the Bible, is Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the Bible, and you guys are seeing and hearing these things and you are still going to their churches.” They have been lying to you for centuries; none of them saw COVID-19 coming. Make them leave,

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