I enjoy a challenge, so I prefer to safeguard the back line and make things easier for the front guys. – Lavia

Lavia, a new midfielder for Chelsea, has made it known to the media that he enjoys playing for the squad and that his preferred method of play is to defend and facilitate his teammates. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The Belgian explained to the journalists at his introduction that he enjoys both performing the grunt work for the players in front of him and sitting and guarding the back line.

Lavia spoke as follows:

“I would say that my playing style is challenging. My primary responsibility is to safeguard my back line and facilitate the work of the men in front of me. In order to keep things moving, you should also get the ball from the goalkeeper and the back line.

Lavia’s transfer to Chelsea was finalized following a last-second snipe on Liverpool. Now he will be looking to make his debut against West Ham United tomorrow.…… Continue Your Reading

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