I Don’t Know What Nigerians Were Thinking When They Started Visiting SA For Holidays—According to Matthew Kukah

The incumbent bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan Kukah, expressed his displeasure and disgust with Nigerian elites who decided to travel abroad instead of improving Nigeria in a video that Channels Television posted. He said he had no idea what Nigerians were thinking when they began traveling to South Africa for vacation. He admitted that despite what happened to Nigerians there, some Nigerians are still traveling to South Africa and may even own homes there.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking further in the video, he stated that it is quite shameful that Nigerians come back from their travels and start telling stories of the countries they visited, countries that Nigeria is better than. He added that some Nigerians even go to Rwanda, a country that has not conducted elections in years; their president has been in power for years, yet Nigerians still visit this kind of country.

According to him, “I don’t know what Nigerians were thinking when they started visiting South Africa for holidays, and they still go to South Africa, and they probably have houses in South Africa. But which South Africa are you adoring? Is it the South Africa that was built on apathy or the South Africa of today? Nigerians are now going to Rwanda, and they come back telling stories about Rwanda. But which Rwanda do you want to be in? In Nigeria, you can contest an election, go to the Supreme Court, and fight. Tell me who has taken the stand in front of Paul Kagame and is still standing to talk.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>