I decided that nothing would stop me from sleeping with a man I met at a restaurant – CEO’s blessing

I met a man at a restaurant, and I made the decision that nothing would stop me from sleeping with him – Blessing CEOIn particular, there are situations where women cannot control their intimate yearning when they meet a man with a fantastic body and decent money. Women still want these men even though they are typically not prepared for marriage or commitment.

A dating therapist named Blessed CEO about having sex with a man she met at a fast food joint. She placed her order, paid the bill, and then reportedly left, according to Okoro Blessing….. Continue Reading

On her verified Facebook page, Blessing posted a video in which she claimed:

“I met a man on a day when all the office workers were sick. I was so hungry that I went to a fast-food restaurant. I met a very handsome man and I went to buy the same food that he was buying.”

“I decided to pay for his meal so he could wait for me and he said he couldn’t remember the last time his bill was paid by a woman. The bill was around #6000. I changed my destination to follow him wherever he goes. I told myself that nothing could stop me from sleeping with him.”

“He asked for my phone number but I gave him my 3 lines. I told him if he calls the 3lines, I will pick the 3. I was waiting for his call and was worried. When it was night and I was about to sleep, he called and asked if I have slept, but I said I was awake.”

“He asked if he could see me and I immediately gave him my address. I had to take a bath again and I was wearing something revealing. I wanted to jump on him and give him a s€xual experience. He told me I had a nice apartment and I leaned in to kiss him on the lips.”…

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