“I Cannot Be Stuck. The year 2023 cannot come to an end till the glory descends upon my life. Paul Enenche

Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, delivered his message to the general audience via live-streamed Video. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

While speaking in a Wednesday Communion service, the cleric reportedly stated that “whatever must be realized, must be prophesied. I’m not talking of external Prophets prophesying and shaking their body for you, I’m talking of you prophesying and decreeing on what must be in your life. You know there are a lot of funny Prophets these days. One said that: ‘And the Lord said that as I used my servant Abraham to lead my people from Egypt to Israel’, then he realized: No, it was not Abraham, it was Moses. Then he said: ‘Oh! The Lord said it is not Abraham, it was Moses’. Very terrible! Caricature, mockery! That’s not the type I’m talking about. I’m talking about you being the Prophet of your own destiny.

Speaking further he said”i Can’t Be Stranded. 2023 Is Not Permitted To End Until The Glory Rises Upon My Life. Until light shines on me on every side’. What must be released must be prophesied and what must be cleared must be declared. If you want Heaven to clear it for you, like Custom you know how they clear goods? If you want it cleared, you must have it declared. If it is not declared, it may not be cleared. At the junction, that was what God did at creation. He was declaring and it was being cleared. He was prophesying and it was being realized. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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