How Is It Possible That Where He Won Was Rigged When Tinubu Lost In Lagos And No One Said It Was Rigged? – According to Ajuri Ngelale

According to Ajuri Ngelale, the president’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, some individuals shouldn’t characterise President Tinubu’s victories in various states during the presidential election as being “rigged.”

In a Channels interview tonight, Ngelale claimed that the APC had performed better than its competitors nationally. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Hear it straight from his own lips tonight on Channels TV.

We believe that our argument is the most compelling. We have the best legal team in the country and access to the most up-to-date information available, and the evidence is on our side. The fact is that we were victorious in a larger variety of geographical and political contexts. When the APC suffered crushing defeats in key cities like Lagos and in President Buhari’s own state of Katsina, nobody cried election fraud. We contend that no one should be able to say that the game was rigged when we come out on top.

When asked how the court might rule on the presidential election tribunal, Ngelale said that it will look into all the facts and come to a decision. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

His own words…

To paraphrase, “the facts before the judges are such that they will take decisions in accordance with the facts on the ground and not the facts from any other baseless speculation.”

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