How guys can prevent early discharge

A study involving 500 couples indicated that the early release of semen, or the premature discharge of the reproductive cells, occurred on average roughly five and a half minutes after the start of sexual activity, according to Healthline. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

According to international standards, frequently ejaculating within one minute of entering your partner qualifies as premature discharge (early release of semen) of the reproductive cells.

If you and your partner are content with the length of time it takes you to release, that is up to you.

Before seeking medical attention, there are numerous aid options you can attempt.

These consist of:

1. Using a thick condom to help alleviate discomfort

2. Engaging in top-down sexual activity with your partner (so they can leave when you’re about to discharge)

3. Taking breaks and diverting your attention to completely unrelated thoughts while having sexual relations

5. Couples therapy may be helpful if you’ve been with someone for a while.


Dealing with the underlying disease can help if your premature release of the reproductive cells is caused by a physical condition.

It can be more difficult to treat premature discharge of the reproductive cells brought on by psychological causes. But the majority of men who stick with treatment discover that the issue is solved.…… Continue Your Reading

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