How Can A Reasonable Person Say He’ll Pay NLC 62k, When Senators Are Earning Millions—According to Chief Adebanjo

How Can A Reasonable Person Say He'll Pay NLC 62k, When Senators Are Earning Millions—According to Chief AdebanjoAccording to INDEPENDENT, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, the head of the Pan-Yoruba socio-cultural organization Afenifere, demanded a new Nigerian constitution in a recent declaration. Adebanjo spoke about a number of urgent concerns in a recent interview, such as the requirement for constitutional change and organized labor’s desire for a higher minimum wage.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking on President Bola Tinubu’s reforms, including the removal of fuel subsidy, Adebanjo expressed his dissatisfaction.

He questioned the government’s policies and their impact on the common people, highlighting the sharp increase in the cost of living since Tinubu assumed office.

Adebanjo criticized the government’s economic policies, pointing out the rising prices of essential goods and services.

He stated that these problems existed before Tinubu’s tenure but have worsened over time.

Adebanjo also condemned the differences in salaries between government officials and ordinary workers.

He argued that the government’s priorities are bad, favoring the wealthy over the poor.

He further criticized the government for its lack of planning and support for the poor and questioned the government’s commitment to addressing the needs of the masses, accusing it of neglecting the welfare of workers while indulging in luxurious expenditures.

“We are not dunces, they should bear with him. When he came in, how much was a bag of rice, how much is it now? Price of petroleum has gone up, electricity tariff has gone up, there is no water, the roads are bad and you are telling the people to buckle up. All these problems had been there before he got in. We must call a spade a spade. How can a reasonable person say he would give workers N62,000 monthly, when senators are earning millions of naira a month. What kind of economic policy is that? Were they not there, when he came in, and when he picked his cabinet? When you are forming a cabinet or doing other things you can afford it, but when it comes to workers’ salaries, you will say there is no money. This is a government that has no plan for poor people,” he said.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>