How a group of witches entered my church and made complaints about Pastor Olukoya, one of our members

In a video posted on his official Facebook page, Dr. Dk Olukoya, the founder and presiding General Overseer of the Yaba-based Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, told the tale of how some witches broke into his church to complain about one of the members. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The cleric claims that he told the narrative between 29:30 and 32:25 in the video to support a sermon he gave on the significance of brokenness in believers’ lives. During the early stages of this ministry’s expansion, he recalled, “we were still using the first auditorium, and our councillors were constantly staying at the back of the auditorium. One day, I was receiving counseling when there was a ruckus in the back. Some people were yelling that they needed to see me immediately, and some of our council members advised them that it would be very challenging to see the pastor since they did not have an appointment.

When I heard one of them threaten to burn down the church if they were not allowed to see me, I immediately told the council members to let them.

“The men were later allowed to see me, they were three aggressive-looking men, who came to complain about one of our members who had rented an apartment in the home of one of them,” the cleric said. Even though he was an ideal gentleman, respectful, and nice, the guy continued, every day at exactly midnight, he would begin his prayers and talk in a weird language; he would then call for fire, and everything would burn. The heat would be terrible for all of us even with the AC running. Since he moved into our home, we have been unable to attend witchcraft sessions.

One of the guys said that his wife had also received punishment in the witches meeting for irregular attendance. Then they explained to the cleric that they had come to see him specifically so that they could tell him to leave their home. Additionally, they brought him money that had previously been paid in full for three years of rent. They confirmed that they were witches when the cleric, who was in awe, inquired. “I then asked them why they couldn’t dedicate their lives to Jesus since they could now see that his might was stronger than theirs; in their wrath, they erupted that they weren’t there for discussion but for an action to be taken. In that, they said,The man needs to leave the house.

“I then asked them why they couldn’t confront the man himself, and they answered that they were afraid of him, because they didn’t know what he might want to do in the night again—that’s why they had to bring the money he has paid for three years,” the clergyman relates. It was the first day I was so happy as a General Overseer, therefore it was a terrific and inspiring occasion for me. They then remarked that since I was the boss and his pastor, I might as well deliver the sermon to him.…… Continue Your Reading

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  1. Baba have said it that, when they have witness the sovereign power of God that supperceed theirs, why can they give in for Jesus to take over their remaining life. We Christian we need fire of God to overcome every evil challenges. May God continue to strengthen us Christians in Jesus name.

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