How a foreigner visited me and presented me with a handkerchief as a gift-Suleman

Apostle Prof. Johnson Suleman, the founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire International Ministries, recently shared with his congregation a gift he recently got from a foreigner that had shocked him. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The clergyman claimed in the video that was posted on his official Facebook page that he had studied the status of America and knew all about it before coming to the country. He went on to say that there are different cultures in other parts of the world outside of Africa. If someone offers you a gift, he or she expects you to open it in their presence and express gratitude, whether or not you like the item.

Then he explained that someone had run over to him and given him a handkerchief as a gift; all he had to do was express his gratitude in order to convey that he appreciated the gesture.

Observation shows that the minister is attempting to convey the idea that showing thanks for any donation, no matter how tiny, is a wonderful approach to inspire the recipient to do more.…… Continue Your Reading

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