Housewife loses her mind after sleeping with a pastor

Housewife loses her mind after sleeping with a pastorThere was commotion at the CDA Road, Oluwalogbon Estate, Osi Ota, Ogun State, on Saturday morning as a nursing mother went out of control after purportedly laying down with a minister of a pentecostal church. Continue Reading>>>


The minister was asserted to have endeavored to utilize the lady for rituals.


Inhabitants attacked the pastor’s home and endeavored to lynch him, however were stopped by a naval watch group from the Navy Music School close by who protected him.


The pastor was later given over to the Onikpanu police headquarters by the maritime staff from where he was moved to Sango Otta police headquarters. Continue Reading>>>


An occupant who talked on the state of namelessness inspired by a paranoid fear of being assaulted by chapel individuals who are faithful to the pastor stated: “We are as yet stunned with what we have seen since Friday morning.


Pastor Oyebode simply stopped to our territory three months back. He lives in Alhaja Salami Yinusi’s home. We considered him to be a pastor however had no suspicions that he is detestable.


The person in question, Iya Ramon, a nursing mother, ventured out from home to get some nourishment for breakfast when she was stood up to by Prophet Oyebode who disclosed to her that he had a few predictions for her. In reality we saw her going into his home however as he is pastor, nobody presumed that he is evil. Also, he remains with his wife.


Few moments after Iya Ramon entered the pastor’s level, his wife went out.


After around 40 minutes, Iya Ramon hurried out of the house looking unsettled, however we felt that she had been having a petition meeting. We were stunned around evening time when Iya Ramon’s husband raised the alert that his wife was acting abnormally and after much influence, Iya Ramon revealed to him how she was gone up against by Pastor Oyebode with certain predictions. She revealed to him further how she was entranced by Pastor Oyebode, who constrained her to engage in sexual relations with him. She likewise disclosed to him that while having intercourse to her, some bizarre things went into her and she didn’t have any acquaintance with herself once more.


Her husband dealt with the circumstance for the duration of the night, imploring that she may recover, yet the circumstance turned out to be increasingly basic today; so the community took the casualty to Pastor Oyebode and began begging him to fix whatever he did to the lady, yet he demanded that he didn’t do anything to her. The young people got angry and needed to pound him, however we didn’t need them to bring the laws into their hands. In this way, we made a distress call to the naval patrol group that has been helping us with the issue of security. The Navy reacted to our call and safeguarded Pastor Oyebode whom they gave over to the police.


At the police headquarters, Oyebode concurred that he had intercourse to her as they were lovers. As I am conversing with you, the casualty is still unconscious, however we question the pastor case that they were lovers.


He simply stopped to our zone recently, and the casualty is definitely not a wanton kind. She is humble and hardworking.


There is a whole other world to this than meets the eyes. We are suspecting that he was endeavoring to utilize the lady for rituals. We are praying hard for the victim to recapture her awareness. We have not rested since yesterday. I don’t have a clue why the demon utilized Pastor Oyebode to bring agonies and distress into the stunning family.”


A cop at Onikpanu police headquarters who talked on the state of obscurity as he shouldn’t address the press said the suspect was brought to the station by naval staff.


The victim is as yet oblivious. Something abnormal truly happened to her. Her husband clarified that nothing wasn’t right when she went out to get some nourishment things for breakfast. He disclosed to us that his significant other revealed to him how Oyebode asserted that he had a few predictions for her family and advised her to go to his home for certain supplications. He said his better half didn’t smell a rat as the pastor lives with his significant other. The man is suspecting that the minister and spouse arranged the game together as she immediately went out when the casualty came in. We don’t put stock in enchantment, however we are suspecting customs.

“We are researching to disentangle reality with regards to the issue. The suspect is with the police. Anyway, we have moved the issue to Sango police headquarters.”

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