House of Reps Response After Reps Leke Abejide said he makes N2.5M With Allowance of N5M for Housing

Tinubu:"Why Should We Have People Removing Rail Tracks And Stealing Cables And Sabotaging The Economy?"Representative Abejide Leke of the House of Representatives discussed the salary of members in a video that was extensively shared on social media. He reportedly earns N2.5 million, plus an additional N5 million for housing, N7.5 million for furniture, N1.2 million for newspapers, N621,000 for clothes, and N248,000 for breaks, according to the video.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

But the House of Representatives clarified that Rep. Abejide was actually addressing a concern about statements made by a social media commentator named Adeola Fayehun.

He was worried his rights were being violated, pointing out that Fayehun, based in the United States, was giving misleading information about the National Assembly’s activities.

According to PMNEWS, The Representatives said, “Rep. Abejide Leke was only raising a point of order on privilege concerning claims by one Adeola Fayehun. In the original video, Rep. Abejide lamented that his privilege had been breached.”

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