House Of Assembly:El-Rufai, They manipulated financial figures to discredit my eight-year tenure


ThisDay reports that former governor of Kaduna State Nasir El-Rufai disputed the findings of the recent investigation of his administration, claiming, “The Kaduna State House of Assembly has manipulated financial figures to discredit my eight-year tenure.” As an example of the disparities in debt numbers he cited, “We publicly stated a debt burden of $587 million and 85 billion, yet the committee reports figures exceeding $758 million in external debt and claims over $2 billion in loans taken during my tenure.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>
El-Rufai’s team criticized the Assembly’s report, asserting, “This investigation lacks factual grounding and misrepresents financial testimonies.” They added, “The committee’s methods amount to ‘voodoo accounting,’ and we suspect conflicts of interest among some lawmakers involved in the investigation.” 

Announcing legal action, El-Rufai declared, “We are initiating legal proceedings to defend our integrity against these baseless accusations.” He concluded, “This legislative probe is unjust and politically motivated, aimed at undermining our administration’s achievements through unsubstantiated allegations and flawed investigative practices.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>