Governors’ Minimum Wage New Proposal Rejected by NLC

Governors' Minimum Wage Proposal Rejected by NLCIn a report published on June 28, 2024, Vanguard News stated that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) vehemently disagreed with state governors’ plan to establish minimum pay for their employees, describing it as “not only dictatorial but also against the concept of the minimum wage.” The NLC cautioned governors in a statement not to make any more provocative remarks on the minimum wage issue since doing so could spark labor unrest.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The NLC argued that the concept of a national minimum wage is not arbitrary, but represents a collective agreement on a wage floor to ensure a minimum standard of living for all workers. The union contended that the governors’ demand to unilaterally determine minimum wages undermines this principle and threatens the welfare of workers and the national economy.

The NLC noted the inconsistency in the governors’ stance, pointing out that there is no similar demand to allow varying salaries for political officeholders across the country. The union accused some governors of displaying “self-imposed ignorance” on global best practices for minimum wages and urged the federal government not to be “blackmailed or boxed into a corner” by “unpatriotic governors.”

The NLC reiterated its commitment to protecting the rights and welfare of Nigerian workers and called on the governors to join in this effort for the benefit of all Nigerians.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>