“GOD NO DEY SLEEP” Lady Gives Testimony on how she was Spotted in jamb exam hall over 7 times as she graduates from IMSU (VIDEO)


A young Nigerian lady identified as Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka has finally completed her undergraduate studies at Imo State University against all odds

The 27-year-old lady sat for JAMB exams seven times, did a pre-degree programme once, as well as acquired an OND

Amarachi said at some point, she almost gave up but drew strength from her parents and also her desire to be relevant in the society


It is a dream come true for 27-year-old Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka as she signed out from Imo State University (IMSU) after trying to get into the university severally.


Sharing pictures in her white signing out shirt on her Facebook account, Amarachi revealed that she sat for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams seven times, acquired an OND and did pre-degree for one year before entering IMSU.

The history and international relations graduate appreciated God for the feat.

What was Amarachi’s motivation while she struggled to enter the university?

On why she kept retaking JAMB exams, the SEO writer told that her parents motivated her. In her words:

“First, it was my father who would stop at nothing to make sure I got into school. He didn’t have a university education, and he wanted to make sure his children did. “My mother too. For every year JAMB started sales, and I wanted to give up; she would assure me it’d work if I tried again.”

Along the line, her resolve to be relevant in society became her driving force.

“On my part, having lived on a school campus since my early teenage years, gaining university experience as well as a degree was what kept me going. I remember I was writing a story about the different kinds of friends I wanted to meet at the university. Although I never got to finish it, developing that story helped me a lot.

“Also, I knew I wanted to become a relevant person in the society, and my father always warned that I would never be without a degree.”

It feels surreal to Amarachi that she is a graduate

On how she feels about her academic feat, Amarachi said being a graduate has been one of her biggest dreams.

She told that she lacks words to express her emotions. “I am yet to find the exact words to express how finally being a graduate feels – to me. “This has always been one of my biggest dreams! So, on the eve and morning of my graduation, I wasn’t sure how to feel.

Even worse, I wasn’t sure how I would feel after writing my last exam. I was so excited I felt I was going to burst, and I cried my eyes out before heading out for the exam hall.

“2 hours later, I still felt the same way. Only that I couldn’t cry anymore. For me, being a graduate feels great. I mean, I have only been a graduate for less than 24 hours now, but I am still overjoyed.” She, however, expressed fear about the prospect of starting life post-graduation.

“I feel relieved, too – that I would never stress over exams and study at this level anymore. However, I feel a little scared – that life would be starting for real…” 

Amarachi aspires to pursue her master’s programme abroad on scholarship and hopes to settle down with a lifetime partner.


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