GIST: “Come And Work in Our Country”: Sweden Adjusts Work Permit Application Conditions For Nigerians, Others

GIST: “Come And Work in Our Country”: Sweden Adjusts Work Permit Application Conditions For Nigerians, Others

  • The Swedish government has adjusted its work permit requirements for foreign workers
  • The new system ditches the 12-year-old Fast Track system and is now level-based.CONTINUE READING>>>>>
  • It comprises Categories A to D, evaluating applicants based on their professional and educational qualifications

A new report by the Swedish government outlines its new strategy to introduce International Recruitment Units to boost the work permit application process.

The new processes are designed to avoid delays and backlogs of work permits for global foreign workers, including Nigerians seeking the country’s work permit.

The report has critical areas, including introducing a level-based application category system.

New system now based on profession and education

The new system would be based on the applicant’s profession and educational background and be a clear departure from the former Fast Track system.

The report proposes the stoppage of the Fast Track system due to its ineffectiveness, with the new policies expected to come into effect by late 2023 or early 2024.

The updated application category to be implemented by the units would also base the assessment of work permit applications on the applicant’s profession and educational qualifications.

It is a departure from the 12-year Fast Track scheme

Applications categorized

The report says application processes are categorized from A to D.

Category A comprises qualified professionals in management and leadership positions and roles demanding higher educational qualifications.

The processing time includes 30 to 120 days.

Category B includes work permits for certain occupations with specific requirements, such as seasonal workers.

The processing time for Category B varies but is at most 90 days.

Category C is for occupations outside the skilled classification, comprising roles requiring higher education. It also includes positions that provide fundamental societal values, irrespective of categorization.

Processing time for this category is about 120 days.

Category D concerns applications in professions identified by the Swedish Migration Agency to avoid the exploitation of workers.

The category includes roles in cleaning, construction, personal assistants in medicine, and hospitality, among others.

Processing time for Category D is 120 days.

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