Gabon: Femi Fani Kayode Said. “Expect more military takeovers in Africa.”

Breaking: It’s fake news, I didn’t say Peter Obi used Juju on Tinubu – Femi Fani Kayode defends himself

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, discussed the recent coup in Gabon and forecasted other military coups in French-speaking West and Central African nations in the near future. Fani-Kayode stated that he was not surprised by the coup in Gabon and added that he had just issued a warning about similar happenings. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

According to PUNCH Newspaper, taking to his social media page, Fani-Kayode stated that he had foreseen the possibility of coups in Francophone African nations, given the circumstances he outlined in his earlier essay titled, “Does Killing Nigerien Babies Bring Glory To Our Name?”. He pointed out that the recent coup in Gabon, which saw President Ali Bongo, who had been in power for 53 years, being ousted from office, aligned with the concerns he raised in his essay.

Fani-Kayode concluded by posing a rhetorical question about whether regional bodies like ECOWAS or the African Union would contemplate intervention in response to the political situation in Gabon. His insights suggest a concern for political stability in the region and a potential trend of military interventions in some African nations. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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