FUL vs. ARS: Bad Choices Mikel Arteta was added to the current starting lineup.

Mikel Arteta’s dubious lineup selections overshadowed Arsenal’s match against Fulham at Craven Cottage, which should have been a perfect opportunity for them to make it three wins in a row to open the season. Although Arteta’s team was expected to make a triumphant advance in the third matchday match, his selection created questions and confused spectators. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The most obvious mistake was placing Eddie Nketiah on the bench instead of the starting lineup, which included Kai Havertz. Nketiah ought to have been given a berth in the starting XI based on his strong performance in Arsenal’s previous match. He had clear strengths in terms of intensity, pace, and clinical skill that might have been a serious threat to Fulham’s defense. However, Havertz’s underwhelming performances for Arsenal this season made his starting place a perplexing decision.

Equally puzzling was Arteta’s choice to use Thomas Partey as a right back. Partey was not supposed to fill in at a position he is not accustomed with because he is a central midfielder by trade and was meant to bring stability and control to the midfield. This tactical error made the team’s defensive weaknesses visible and made it harder for Partey to have an impact on the game from his natural position.

Football management can include some experimenting, but Arteta’s decisions were illogical and threatened the team’s chances of winning. Arteta’s lineup selections ought to have been influenced by Nketiah’s versatility and demonstrated impact, as well as Havertz’s poor performance. Playing Partey out of position also ran the risk of reducing his influence on the tempo and flow of the game.

Arsenal’s lineup decisions ended up getting in the way of their goal for a perfect start to the season. Arteta’s errors cast doubt on his tactical knowledge and capacity for making important decisions under duress. It will be interesting to observe how the season plays out and whether these decisions turn out to be isolated incidents or part of a wider trend that could have an impact on Arsenal’s overall success.…… Continue Your Reading

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  1. Arteta should be sacked if he continue with this line up and with harvertz, rice should replace xhaka position and gabriel m should fill his defence, trossard should be coming from bench together with harvertz, ramsdale should be benched atleast 3 matches. Arteta if you need to succeed then use your last season formation then replace xhaka with rice then other will coming from bench THANK YOU

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