Fubara:Oby Ndukwe ‘If There Was Such Kind Of Explosion, You Would See The Wreckage On Aba Road’

Oby Ndukwe 'Nobody Has Been Able To Identify The Boy Who Carried Out The Bomb Blast At The Hotel'Oby Ndukwe, a political analyst and publisher from Port Harcourt, has suggested that images of people leaving the scene and evident devastation would have been present if Governor Sim Fubara’s report of a large explosion had been true.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She pointed out the absence of any such videos or evidence in this case, casting doubt on the veracity of the explosion claims. She noted that the Presidential Hotel, located on the bustling Aba Road, is surrounded by numerous Bureau De Change operators and so there should have been noticeable casualties in the incident.

She said in an interview with Arise TV, ”The Presidential Hotel is not just a busy place on Aba road, you have the Bureau De Change operators around that place. If there was such kind of explosion, you would see the wreckage on Aba road. You will have seen clips of people running for their lives.

Especially in this social media age, we would have been seeing videos. Because even when people are dying, some people will still be video recording for content purposes instead of going to help the person. But we didn’t see any of such in this case.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>