Fubara:Hon Ikiriko, We’re already in one structure, Why pulling out the structure that brought you in

Fubara:Hon Ikiriko, We're already in one structure, Why pulling out the structure that brought you inGovernor Fubara’s attempt to overthrow the system that created him governor of Rivers State has drawn criticism from Hope Ikiriko, the chairman of Ahoada West Local Government Area. Ikiriko expressed shock that Fubara, who profited off the PDP’s structure, is now attempting to use it to create his own in an interview with Channels Television.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He questioned the motive, asking if he want to become “life Governor” or cement his place permanently. Ikiriko emphasized that the PDP is one party and one structure, and that those who benefited from it should want others to benefit as well.

He urged loyalty to the party, stating that serving the people is the best way to ensure the PDP continues to govern Rivers State.

In his words;

“We were already in one structure, why pulling out of the structure that brought you in? What’s wrong with him? Why are you trying to hijack the structure to form your own structure. PDP is the structure, PDP is one party and if PDP is one party and you benefited from the party, wouldn’t you want others to benefit, do you want to be a life Governor? Do you want to cement your place permanently? If you know that the party brought you in, all you can do is to make sure you serve people, so by your antecedent, by your testimony, Rivers people will want PDP to continue to govern Rivers State. That’s all we want”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>