Fubara is Playing With Justice Omotosho’s Judgement; It Might Come to Hunt Him—According to Ken Okolugbo

The way that Rivers State Governor Fubara handled Justice Kayode Omotosho’s ruling may have unexpected effects, according to public affairs specialist Ken Okolugbo. During an interview with TVC, Okolugbo issued a warning, stating that Fubara could be perceived as “playing with fire” if he chooses not to challenge the ruling or accept its legitimacy. Okolugbo stated that if Fubara keeps ignoring Omotosho’s ruling—which acknowledged the lawmakers’ defection—it would eventually “come to hunt” him. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

He urged Fubara to either appeal the judgement or cease “forum shopping” (seeking favourable rulings from different courts) to resolve the political impasse in Rivers State. Okolugbo highlighted the risks of Fubara’s approach and the need for a more strategic and respectful engagement with the judiciary.

According to him, “If there was no judicial notice before Justice Kayode Omotosho stating that these Lamwakers have defected and that judgement has been given, I have said it not once, not twice, that the Governor is playing with that (Omotosho’s) judgement; that judgement might eventually come to hunt him. He should either appeal that judgement or stop maybe this forum shopping that has led us to this situation we find in Rivers State.”READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>