Fubara is Not Advised Properly Because He Said No State High Court Has Jurisdiction—According to Ken Okolugbo

Public affairs analyst Ken Okolugbo is worried about the legal strategy Rivers State Governor Fubara is using in his current court battle with the legislature. Okolugbo stated in a TVC interview that Fubara might have been mistaken in his claim that no state high court has jurisdiction over the case. According to Okolugbo, it might be a sign of subpar legal counsel if Fubara’s attorney general chooses not to contest the court’s jurisdiction. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

He further reasoned that if Fubara believes state high courts lack jurisdiction, then Justice CN Wale’s declaration of the lawmakers’ seats as vacant may also be deemed invalid. Okolugbo’s comments highlight the complexity and potential flaws in Fubara’s legal strategy.

According to him, “If the attorney general does not also come to challenge the jurisdiction of the court from what he was saying in his press conference, it also bothers me because that shows that Fubara is not being advised properly because he has said no state high court has jurisdiction. So if he also says no state high court has jurisdiction, it therefore also follows that Justice CN Wale has no jurisdiction in declaring the seats of the lawmakers vacant.”