Francisca Ordega, a standout with the Super Falcons, said: “I want to start a family.”

Francisca Ordega, a standout with the Super Falcons, said:

Super Falcons forward, Francisca Ordega has expressed her readiness to “start a family.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The 29-year-old said she plans to be married with children before the next four years.

She stated while responding to a question about whether she thinks she would make it to the next FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament, in a recent interview with EaglesTracker.

Ordega said, “Four years? I think I will be pregnant, I think I will have my babies then. Four years, I might have babies. I love babies. I might really.

“I might have babies. I don’t want to play football forever. I’m a woman. I’m beautiful. I don’t wanna play football forever. I want to start a family. I’m not saying in the next four years but if una no see me make una know say I don…[smiles].

“It can happen in the next one or three months. It doesn’t matter. It is what you want that God will give to you.”…… Continue Your Reading

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