Finidi George’s resignation: Senator Shehu Sani’s thoughts

Finidi George's resignation: Senator Shehu Sani's thoughtsSenator Shehu Sani has voiced his opinion over the current problems between the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and Super Eagles coach Finidi George, following the latter’s resignation. Sani emphasized in a tweet on Saturday how the division was hurting the team’s performance and how players needed to take responsibility for their actions.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Senator Sani tweeted:

“There appears to be a crack between the NFF and Coach Finidi George. This is affecting the chances of the Super Eagles. Any foreign-based professional player invited to play for his country and he deliberately refuses to come, shouldn’t be begged.”

This statement is said to come in the wake of George’s resignation, which he confirmed after the team’s poor results in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. The NFF has yet to comment on the resignation or the underlying issues that led to this decision. Sani’s remarks is claim to underscore the need for unity and commitment within the team to improve their prospects on the international stage.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>