Find Out Why Ibadan People Didn’t Take Idris Ajimobi Seriously

Find Out Why Ibadan People Didn’t Take Idris Ajimobi SeriouslyElephants do not have snails for children. Simply because an animal came from the lineage of an elephant, it must also inherit the elephantine frame. This is also a political truth but one that is not always tested. In the case of Idris, the son of senator, and former governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, the frame of politics has not been completely inherited. Maybe this frame will be inherited in the days to come, just not yet.

The results for the Ibadan South West State Constituency II election are out. The winner was announced to be a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Honourable Oluwafemi Fowokanmi. With 16,328, Fowokanmi came first and left 7,755 votes to Idris and 2,768 votes to the member of the Accord Party, Wahab Babamide….. Continue Reading 

Without a doubt, the election was a big loss to the members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State. After all, the inclusion of Idris in the election was supposed to prove that the Ajimobi family was still in charge or at least very influential in the political matters of Oyo. How did they lose a mere constituency so woefully?

According to the matriarch of the Ajimobi house, Florence Ajimobi, there was a low turnout during the election. Of course, her observation came before the results were announced but it intimates something about her confidence.

But many think that Idris lost the election because of his past lifestyle and the fact that people could not relate to him. Furthermore, it is widely alleged that the campaign funds came from his late father’s trust fund and that his mother’s purse is always jiggling because of his intrusive hands. Thus, the gist is that people see him as a sapling, not a strong tree that they can rest in its shade. Clearly, it is what it is…. Continue Reading

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