Festus Osifo:”Anambra Was On Top Of The List Of 5 States That Are Not Paying 30,000 Minimum Wage”

Festus Osifo:"Anambra Was On Top Of The List Of 5 States That Are Not Paying 30,000 Minimum Wage"The Trade Union Congress (TUC) President, Festus Osifo, asserted that Anambra State is leading the group of five states that have not met the N30,000 minimum wage requirement. During an interview on Channels Television Morning Brief, he mentioned that states such as Ebonyi, Kogi, and Zamfara have not implemented the mandated pay hike.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Osifo noted that the Anambra state government has argued that their wage structure includes more than just the payment of salaries.

Osifo emphasised the need for states to comply with the national minimum wage law, which stipulates that all states must pay their workers at least N30,000 per month.

According to him, Anambra’s failure to do so is particularly notable, given its economic standing and the expectations of the state’s workforce.

He asserted that workers in these states have been facing undue hardship due to the non-implementation of the wage increase.

Osifo highlighted the importance of the minimum wage as a crucial element in ensuring a basic standard of living for workers.

He criticised the Anambra state government for its stance on the matter, suggesting that the argument about the broader wage structure is insufficient and does not excuse the state’s non-compliance with the national law.

He urged the state governments to prioritise the welfare of their workers by adhering to the minimum wage mandate.

The TUC president called on the federal government to enforce the minimum wage law more strictly and ensure that all states comply.

He stated that the non-payment of the minimum wage is a clear violation of workers’ rights and undermines the efforts to improve the living conditions of Nigerian workers.

Osifo said, “The minister of finance read the report of the states that are currently not paying the N30,000 minimum wage.

“Anambra State was on top of the list of the five states that are not paying the 30,000 minimum wage. The next was Ebonyi State, and then Kogi State.

“We also have Zamfara State there, but immediately after that report was published, Zamfara State agreed that they would start paying the minimum wage of N30,000.

“But we still have Ebonyi, Kogi, and Anambra. Although Anambra State came out to say that they were paying the minimum wage and that it’s not just about salary.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>