Festus Osifo quoted by Tinubu as saying, “They Plan To Send N5000 Each To 10 Million Households In Average Families.”

Following President Bola Tinubu’s declaration that gasoline subsidies are no longer in effect at his inauguration, the NLC, TUC, and the Federal Government convened on Wednesday. The workers organization refused to concur with the Federal Government, resulting in a deadlock at the meeting. Festus Osifo, the president of the Trade Union Congress, claimed that the government had proposed giving 5000 to each of 10 million households with typical families for the upcoming six months.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He asserted that the project was a palliative measure meant to mitigate the impact of the fuel price increase and withdrawal of the oil subsidies. He emphasized that the TUC and the NLC had flatly rejected this offer, claiming that no palliative approach had ever succeeded in Nigeria in the past. He claims that the government’s plans to implement palliative measures for Nigerians are unaffected by the state of the economy.

One of the things they mentioned, he continued, was the 800 million dollar palliatives issue. To 10 million households with an average family size of at least five persons per home, they intend to send 5000 naira apiece. For the next six months, that will serve around 50 million individuals. So we explained what this is and plainly informed them that we disagree. We have yet to see the auditory for the conditional transfers they have been performing over the years. We can’t observe the recipients of these items, and we don’t believe the programs were successful. Thus, we are unable to duplicate failure…… Continue Your Reading


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