FEC: Tinubu is prepared to listen and accept corrections since only God is perfect.

Nigeria’s President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has assured his new cabinet members that he is ready to hear their opinions and accept adjustments from them as needed. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

In his remarks to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) Meeting, delivered on Monday at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, Nigeria, the President of the United States of America made this claim.

Keep in mind that just a few days ago, the president gave his ministers their formal titles.

The president assigned his newly appointed cabinet ministers the responsibility of making sure they get off to a solid start by accomplishing extraordinary things during the FEC meeting that took place at the state house.

He said that they would always have his support if they knocked on his door and that he would listen to them and accept their criticism.

BAT is reported as saying in the VANGUARD NEWSPAPER that “only God is perfect, so I am ready to take corrections and also ready to listen to you when you need me.”…… Continue Your Reading

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