Farotimi:”More Was Stolen Under Buhari But Jagaban PLC Have Already Overshadows Brutality Of Buhari”

Farotimi:"More Was Stolen Under Buhari But Jagaban PLC Have Already Overshadows Brutality Of Buhari"Dele Farotimi, a well-known political activist and former spokesperson for the Obi/Datti presidential campaign in the South-West, recently made a strong comparison between President Buhari’s administration and President Bola Tinubu’s current government on his official X account.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Farotimi has been vocal about his opinions on political matters. He is known for his candid statements and strong criticisms of government policies and actions. His recent comments has brought a lot of discussions and debates among political observers and the general public. “More was stolen under Buhari, and from all indications, the shareholders of Jagaban PLC have already eclipsed the venal brutality of their predecessors in power,”

Shehu Sani wrote. This statement has drawn huge attention due to its harsh critique of both the Buhari and Tinubu administrations. The comparison between the two administrations has been a topic of interest for many Nigerians. The Buhari government faced numerous allegations of corruption and mismanagement. Many believe that these issues have continued or even worsened under Tinubu’s leadership.

Farotimi’s reference to “Jagaban PLC” is a direct jab at President Tinubu. The term “Jagaban” is a nickname often associated with Tinubu. Farotimi’s use of this term implies a corporate-like operation within the government, prioritizing personal gains over public welfare.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>