EXCLUSIVE: Chicago State University leaves Atiku empty handed

Atiku calls the EIU's prediction of the tribunal "disgraceful."Chicago State University in the United States has officially refused to reveal President Bola Tinubu’s credentials from the school. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

This is in response to the application submitted by the PDP and its presidential candidate for the February 25 election, Atiku Abubakar.

”The student records Abubakar seeks from the University via a documents subpoena (Doc.1-1) and the information Abubakar seeks the University to provide pursuant to a deposition
subpoena (Doc. 1-2) concern Tinubu’s private educational records. But since Tinubu has
intervened to oppose this discovery, the University defers to Tinubu on the privacy issues
implicated by Abubakar’s Application.” the document stated.

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It further said , ”The University struggles to understand how – given that Tinubu did in fact
graduate from the University in 1979 – Tinubu’s grades and other student records from the 1970s
and date and signatory information on subsequently issued ceremonial diplomas could possibly

have any bearing on a 2023 election challenge in a foreign country.

”But the University is admittedly not familiar with the issues in the Nigerian proceeding or the evidentiary and other
legal principles applicable therein. Accordingly, the University defers to Tinubu – who obviously
is familiar with these issues and directly involved in that foreign proceeding – to advance procedural and relevancy objections to the Application.

”In a recent conference with Abubakar’s counsel about the Application, Abubakar’s counsel confirmed that the evidentiary phase of the Nigerian proceeding has concluded, but that

the information sought in the Application might be introduced in appellate proceedings to come.
The University respectfully requests that this Court, in ruling on the Application, scrutinize both
the actual status of the Nigerian proceeding and the likelihood that any discovery information
provided by the University would in fact be considered in the Nigerian proceeding.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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