Everyone causing us issues in LP is a PDP member. And we promised them we wouldn’t change our position, Abayomi Arabambi

Everyone who is causing problems for the Labour Party is from the PDP, according to Dr. Abayomi Arabambi, the party’s factional national press secretary. They have been told that they won’t change their positions. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Abayomi Arabambi made the claim in an interview with Arise News during the Newsday program when he was questioned about whether or not he thought Labour Party was beginning to resemble other parties it tries to be a relative departure from in the eyes of the electorate, which may have an impact on the party’s performance in the future.

With all due respect to the PDP, Abayomi Arabambi stated that they had a problem with the invested guy who actually entered the Labour Party from the PDP.

“Everyone causing us issues in the Labour Party is a member of the PDP, and we have told them we won’t budge from our position.” Their party’s motto, according to him, is equality and justice. According to him, the Labour Party’s constitution states that the national chairman is treated the same as regular party members, so it differs from the PDP in that regard.

He claimed that when they all arrived with Peter Obi, they did so with the PDP mentality that one person is the leader even though the constitution clearly states otherwise. Peter Obi and others have already been informed, he claimed.…… Continue Your Reading

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