Every Friday, I Sleep With Mad Women to Keep My Wealth, a Yahoo Boy Admits

The detectives of the Lagos State Police Command have detained Silas Ade, a 30-year-old man. He is accused of having sex with mentally ill people on the streets, and he allegedly tried to force himself on Christiana, a mentally ill pregnant lady, inside an unfinished structure. The event happened in Isheri Olofin, which is near the Igando-LASU route and the Iyana Iba neighborhood of Lagos. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Reports indicated that Silas had previously been accused of engaging in such activity. The locals decided to go into their suspicions after noticing his odd behavior with mentally ill ladies in unfinished projects in the past. Angering building residents grabbed Silas as he started to strip Christiana inside and handed him over to the authorities.

Before being brought into police custody for further questioning, Silas, who is accused of engaging in computer fraud (often known as “yahoo yahoo” in Nigeria), was paraded throughout the neighborhood. He admitted to the police during questioning that he had been having sex with mentally ill women every Friday as a part of a money ritual to save his wealth.…… Continue Your Reading

The public relations officer for the police expressed outrage at the occurrence and emphasized the disturbing trend of young boys being detained for participation in ritualistic rituals. The police will carry on their inquiry into the situation.

Internet scammer Silas claims that he “sleeps with crazy women every Friday to maintain my wealth.” While being paraded at the State Police headquarters, he made this confession. The police public relations official who confirmed the occurrence expressed grave amazement over it and said that it is particularly concerning how frequently young boys are being detained for performing rituals.

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