Evan Okoro laments, “I Hate Secret Ashawo Men, My Guy Is A Secret Ashawo Man.”

Popular actress Evan Okoro recently admitted that she despises hidden Ashawo men on her official social media account while bemoaning the loss of her six-year relationship.

The delicious actress claimed that her boyfriend is a secret Ashawo man and that she despises them. She advised guys to let their girls know if they enjoy crazy girls so that they can make adjustments.

Okoro recalled that when her six-year-old boyfriend first told her that she didn’t dress like an actress but rather like a normal lady, she went to the village to take care of the woman.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Evan claimed that after cleaning her up, packing her feces, and taking her to the hospital, her guy claimed that she was already acting like a village girl when she returned to the city. However, after some time, she discovered that he was seeing a sophisticated woman.

She discussed it with her man’s friend, who advised her to follow her man’s advice. Now that she has been revealed and is “Crazy,” they are attempting to discredit her, according to Okoro.

Evan concluded by stating that guys prefer crazy chicks than good girls.

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