Etiti:Amobi Ogah, Let Nobody Distract Us In The Name Of, We’re Igbos In Delta, We’re Igbos In Rivers

Etiti:Amobi Ogah, Let Nobody Distract Us In The Name Of, We're Igbos In Delta, We're Igbos In RiversThe Hon. Amobi Ogah, a member representing the Isuikwuato/Umunneochi federal constituency, has stated that they do not require any diversion from their demands for the establishment of a second state in the South-East area.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

There have been calls from several quarters for the creation of an additional state in the South-East region to make it equal with other geo-political zones.

Some people have said that it is unfair that other geo-political zones have six and even seven states, while South-East is the only region with five states.

They said that creating an additional state in the South-East will ensure fairness and equality.

However, as controversy on the creation of the additional South-East state continues, some persons from Anioma in Delta State have said that the additional state should be created and named Anioma, saying that Anioma is Igbo.

However, speaking during a recent interview with Channels Television, Amobi Ogar said that they do not want such distractions. He said that Anioma is in South-South, and that what they are clamouring for is a state carved out from the South-East.

He said that they do not want people to come and distract them with claims that they are Igbos from Delta or Rivers states.

He said, “Asaba and Anioma is in South-South. So, let them shift a little, let us talk about South-East. Let us balance the South-East. We cannot be talking about viability and you are taking what is from our own side to go and take care of the other people, and you’re talking about viability.

“Give us what is due for us, when we get it then we talk about viability. For now, we are not talking about viability, we are talking about equality.

“Equalize the zones, let them be equal. Let us feel that, yes, we are part of Nigeria, that what the other people are getting we can get it. Look at, you’re talking about Bayelsa, what about Etiti?

“If you look at the Confab resolution, out of these eleven local governments we are talking about, we are going to get almost 18 to 20 in that new Etiti state.

“So, let nobody come and distract us in the name of, we are Igbos in Delta state, we are Igbos in Rivers state. We know what we are talking about.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>