Emma Olivia “Sim Fubara is an ungrateful human being, he don’t respect his mentor Wike”

Emma Olivia "Sim Fubara is an ungrateful human being, he don't respect his mentor Wike"A severe turn has been taken in the political divide between Governor Fubara and Wike, his old mentor. Emma Olivia, a political commentator, has attacked Fubara, calling him a hypocrite and ingrater.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“Fubara is an ungrateful human being… He cannot even win a local government chairman seat without Wike’s support. He acts like a saint but is corrupt like others,” Olivia stated.

Olivia’s comments come as the appeal court’s ruling reinstated 25 lawmakers loyal to Wike, dealing a significant blow to Fubara’s camp. The commentator’s remarks highlight the deep-seated animosity between the two governors, once allies but now bitter rivals. Fubara’s perceived betrayal of Wike’s trust has sparked outrage among political observers, with many echoing Olivia’s sentiments.

According to punch news, the public spat has further polarized Rivers State’s political landscape, with both camps digging in for a protracted battle.

As the Supreme Court prepares to deliver its final verdict, the state’s political future hangs precariously in the balance.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>