Elder Uma Eleazu:”Obasanjo Said He Worth 20k Before His Presidency, They Told Him Don’t Worry And Gave Him $2m”

Elder Uma Eleazu:"Obasanjo Said He Worth 20k Before His Presidency, They Told Him Don't Worry And Gave Him $2m"According to a recent statement made to Daily Trust, Elder Uma Eleazu, who is currently 88 years old, had two studies abroad experiences before life had other plans for him and he had dreamed of becoming a pastor. He has participated in committees that drafted the 1979 and 1999 constitutions since coming back to Nigeria.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He once led the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN).

He also helped create manufacturers associations in Kenya and Uganda.

His work extended to consulting for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

He even headed the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC) and worked as a lecturer in Nigeria and the United States.

In 1993, Eleazu ran for president under the Social Democratic Party (SDP) but lost to Chief M.K.O. Abiola.

Reflecting on his political aspirations, Eleazu shared his thoughts on why he did not run again.

“In 1992, I was already 60 years old, and that is the age when one can still have the energy to move around. After I contested against Abiola in the same party and didn’t succeed, I wasn’t able to try again because the military took over and wasted everyone’s time. The next election after 1993 was in 1999 when Obasanjo emerged President. By that time, I was already almost 70.”

“In the politics that brought in Obasanjo, I knew I had no chance. The ex-Generals had already decided who would take over from them.”

“Obasanjo said he was worth only N20,000 then, but they told him not to worry. Danjuma and the rest of them contributed $2 million and gave him. They sponsored the election and he became President,” he said.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>