El-Rufai claimed that he selected a Muslim as his deputy because few Christians vote for the APC in Kaduna. The Kennedy Musa

Kennedy Musa, an APC leader from the southern portion of Kaduna, has brought to mind a comment made by Nasir El-Rufai, the previous governor of Kaduna state, who said that he appointed Hadiza Balarebe, a Muslim, as his deputy governor since the majority of Christians in the area don’t support the APC. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

In an interview with Channels TV, Musa discussed the alleged marginalization of residents of Southern Kaduna and mentioned El-Rufai’s contentious remark. Only 18 of the 87 political appointments announced by the governor Uba Sani’s government, according to him, are reportedly from southern Kaduna. He continued by expressing his expectation that the governor would deviate from the course set by former Governor El-Rufai.

“I just gave you a statistic now and you can check to confirm, out of 87 you have 18 [people from southern Kaduna],” claimed Musa. I sincerely hope the governor will not follow in the footsteps of the late Governor El-Rufai. In the final days of his term, a social media clip of the former governor telling Islamic clerics that he chose to appoint a Muslim woman from Southern Kaduna as his deputy because the Christian-dominated areas weren’t supporting the APC was leaked. Now, that goes against both the national constitution and the spirit of the APC constitution.…… Continue Your Reading

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