Edo: Justice Ekwo, Ddelegates Go And Take Part In Another Election That INEC Will Fix


Members of the Edo State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Executive Council, including Tony Okonigene, have responded angrily to the Federal High Court’s recent ruling over the Edo PDP primary. According to Okonigene, Justice Inyang Ekwo’s statement was a calculated attempt to appease some parties and lessen pressure on the Federal High Court.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking in an interview with Arise TV, Okonigene criticized Justice Ekwo’s directive for delegates to participate in another election to be scheduled by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). He highlighted the logistical challenges, stating that all potential dates for a new primary were already occupied, making the implementation of the judgment impractical.

“This is just the same shenanigans that played out in 2023 by the Dan Orbih faction with some key actors,” Okonigene remarked. “Justice Ekwo is very sure that this judgment will not stand the test of time and every reasonable person knows it will not stand the test of time. So we are focused and our eyes are on the ball.”

Okonigene expressed confidence that the judgment would ultimately be deemed unenforceable, emphasizing that the court’s jurisdiction is a critical factor. “We don’t have any issue with the judgment because no matter how beautifully rehearsed the judgment might have been, once a court lacks jurisdiction it amounts to nothing,” he said.

He further accused Justice Ekwo of crafting a judgment that was deliberately unenforceable to relieve pressure on the Federal High Court. “Justice Ekwo is very clever; he made a pronouncement that he knows is not enforceable. He’s just trying to please them and relieve the pressure on the Federal High Court. He told the delegates to go and take part in another election that INEC will fix. And there is no other date that INEC can fix for another primary; all the dates are filled up.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>